With aero yoga we can take you beyond everyday life
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  • on the mat: classical yoga, pilates
  • in the air: aero yoga, sashes


  • Thai massage (Nuad Boran)
  • aromatic massage
  • relaxing massage in a hammock
  • asi-atsu with a hammock



Individual lessons or with your "other half"


Groups divided into levels of advancement.


My name is Olga and I am the founder of Aero Port as well as its head teacher.

The Aero Port studio focuses mainly on aerial yoga (a.k.a. flying yoga, aerial hammock, aerial sling etc.) since this is the form of “meditation in motion” as well as physical activity that suits my personality best, hence I wanted to share this passion by opening a place where people could try and (hopefully) fall in love with aerial fitness.

I fell in love with this particular form of yoga when I was living in Incheon, South Korea, and one of the yoga studios I was practicing at opened aerial yoga classes in January 2015. I practiced and enjoyed hatha, hot and vinyasa yoga in various studios in Korea, but FLYING YOGA (as Koreans usually refer to it) made me realise the infinite possibilities for spiritual and physical growth while wrapped in the hammock’s fabric.



Address: Hryniewickiego 10/64, Gdynia, Poland

Phone: 604 932 788

E-mail: aeroportjoga@gmail.com