My name is Olga and I am the founder of Aero Port as well as its head teacher.

The Aero Port studio focuses mainly on aerial yoga (a.k.a. flying yoga, aerial hammock, aerial sling etc.) since this is the form of “meditation in motion” as well as physical activity that suits my personality best, hence I wanted to share this passion by opening a place where people could try and (hopefully) fall in love with aerial fitness.

I fell in love with this particular form of yoga when I was living in Incheon, South Korea, and one of the yoga studios I was practicing at opened aerial yoga classes in January 2015. I practiced and enjoyed hatha, hot and vinyasa yoga in various studios in Korea, but FLYING YOGA (as Koreans usually refer to it) made me realise the infinite possibilities for spiritual and physical growth while wrapped in the hammock’s fabric.

Having had a history of poor health and surgeries behind me, as well as fast-paced and demanding work life in one of Asia’s biggest metropolis/hubs, my body eagerly longed for both back pain relief, a fun physical activity and a slower approach to body & mind. And, let me tell you, I got so much more than that! My mood and spirits were lifted after every class and my body, slowly but surely, grew stronger and more resilient. I learned that making a choice – in this case regularly attending yoga classes 5 times a week – and staying focused and consistent at it made life a lot easier and decreased chaos in my heart and mind. I went into class worried I would not understand a word in Korean and instead while improving my asana and breath practice, my language skills were levelling up as well. I also made close friendships among the teachers at Hot Yoga Sum studio, mainly Hyerim Jo and Hyangmi An, who guided me patiently for over 5 years and with whom I share a lot of memories.

Knowing that physical and mental wellbeing were the areas I wanted to continue with as a tool for development, after completing basic and advanced Flying Yoga Teacher Training Course under the tutelage of Lee Ji-Ae at her studio in Yongin, South Korea, I went to Thailand to learn more about the ancient methods of Thai massage and particularly Nuad Boran, the northern style of Chiang Mai. The more you know the more you want to learn, and I continued with Aroma Herbal Oil massage and Thai stretching techniques. After traveling SEA for a few months, I continued with other forms of aerial fitness such as aerial silks and aerial hoop with Korea’s leading aerialist Aram Jun (aka Flying Vivi) and aerial mellow at Om Factory Seoul. Inspired to further improve my knowledge of body movement and anatomy I also completed mat and small equipment pilates at Nabi Yoga Om studio in Seoul, corrective yoga and ball therapy at Maitri Yoga studio in Seongnam.

I hope you find in Aero Port a place where your body flies and your heart sings.

If I’m not practicing aerial or vinyasa, I’m most probably walking my beloved dog Fifka, or reading or learning to be a better gardener, daughter, sister, human ^.^

At the moment we do not have any English speaking classes but we offer 1:1 instead. In case a group of minimum 5 non-Polish speaking people decide to attend group classes, we will add one into the schedule.

Szkolenia i warsztaty

  • 2013 – foot reflexology, TTC spa school, Bangkok, Tajlandia.
  • 2017 – Lee Ji-Ae flying yoga TTC; basic, advanced. Jongin, Korea Południowa.
  • 2017 – thai massage Nuad Boran I, II w ITM Chiang Mai, Tajlandia.
  • 2017 – aroma herbal oil massage, Spa Mantra, Chiang Mai, Tajlandia.
  • 2017 – 교정요가 , Maitri Yoga, Songnam, Korea Południowa.
  • 2017 – low flying, Reina Flying Yoga, Sułon, Korea Południowa
  • 2017 – ball therapy yoga, Maitri Yoga, Songnam, Korea Południowa.

  • 2018 – thai stretch massage w Ong Massage School, Chiang Mai, Tajlandia.
  • 2018 – flying mellow yoga, Maitri Yoga, Songnam, Korea Południowa.
  • 2018 – 소도구 필라테스, Nabi Yoga Om, Seul, Korea Południowa.
  • 2019 – 골반 다이어트 요가, The Flying Hot Yoga, Seul, Korea Południowa.
  • 2019 – zen ring (마이링/케어이링), Alynn Yoga School, Seul, Korea Południowa.
  • 2019 – aerial hoop, aerial silks, u Aram Dzion (Flying Vivi) w To Be Dance Studio, Seul, Korea Południowa